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The Energy flows through me

With every breath and beat.

When my body becomes stale

and I return to silence,

The Energy flows through me.

Pillow topped scavengers

Transform my body.

Continuing the life cycle -

Following my last breath.

Absorbed by the ground.

Dust hailed to the sky.


We finally found it.

Drawn from Rock, Roots Sturdy (Spring 2023)


Lately, my Energy has felt guided. Whether it is coincidence or determined by a greater force is not of importance. Never will we find out what explains us, our consciousness, our existence, or that of the world around us.

Returning the energy to the stars (Spring 2023)

The more I learn, the more I understand that there is nothing we truly know. Our knowledge is just the understanding of the patterns we experience. Life is full of patterns yet unchain of such constructs.

Patterns from 1000 years ago (Spring 2023)

It's as if a paradox is the ultimate truth. It does not provide a sure could you go wrong?

A pattern of events in our lives

Helps us evolve into who we are today.

Boundless energy.

This boundless energy attracts people, places, things...Entities within this gently flowing realm. Feel the flow within you and others that you meet. Allow the energy to empty the mind, remove the preconceptions, free the soul. Be one, be all.

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