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Soaring through the atmosphere, lowering pressure and composition of life-enabling chemicals, a tiny machine grinds on the idea of being where no other human has been before. 233.9 million miles away and an extra 4 minutes of lightspeed - Mars sits un-posed and raw. Waiting for its visitor to arrive. The chances that such a robot - a machine of human intelligence - could make it to Mars, land unscathed, and continue to repeat data through space and back to Earth truly is an act of perseverance.

An inspiring feat in which humans can come together to create something extraordinary. Together, or each for themselves, the feat is complete.

Yet when I find myself in a situation one millionth as difficult, I struggle just as much as the scientists putting the whole show together.

The struggle to persevere when you are faced with challenges gets easier - when you begin to care less about the outcome. When you feel as though the outcome is not up to you, rather it is up to a greater power or just someone else. Life is easy when it is not in your hands.


Is there truly a being that controls your life?

What would be the point of your intelligence? Your happiness? Doing wrong?

Isn't doing wrong evidence of freewill?


Do you live your life in control by others? The chess piece to someone else's board?

Giving away our free-will to provide for the will of others. The will of our Boss, our friends, our ancestors.

Why? Why would I want to live a life like this?

Because I don't know that I have the perseverance to live on my own terms.

To live with my own decisions.

To take responsibility for all of my interactions within this never ending universe: The mass amount of consequences pinballing globally.

Feat of Strength - Little Molas, Summer 2023

I'm not sure that we live in a world in which we are uninvolved -or- a world in which we have complete control. At times it feels as though we are one or the other - Polarized in being.

Opposites complete each other.

If not for the one there would be no other.

There is a connection between them in which they can both exist in the same space and truly be themselves - together within you.

After all that...we are stuck in the middle of it all.

Does it matter which we choose?

If we just live our lives and do what is necessary each and every moment, we will pave our path.

A path that is shaped by our environment, by our lives, by our Gods.

A Path to the Mountains - Weminuche, Summer 2023

We are given a path to have our way with.

Soar High.

Listen to the bristly pines scrape each other in the wind.

Run through fields of flowing grass and busy grasshoppers.

Gaze at the sky as if you belong there rather than on the earth.

Who cares what they think of you and your mutiny.

- Fuck 'em -

YOU are in the moment.

YOU are in control.

YOU can react to the world around you

and make YOUR OWN decisions.

Live your life in the ways that prove to you that you are really here.

You are involved in the Earth and you listen to it call.

Be free and persevere - for life beyond this moment awaits and it's waiting to be discovered by YOU and not THEM.

A Breath of Fresh Air - La Platas, Summer 2023

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