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Getting Better Every Day

It's been awhile since I've written here. I have been catching up on the lives I've missed. Or rather, reaching the potential I knew I still had.

The many events of my busy schedule can be summed up into a single blessing - "Do what means the most to you", and if you don't know what that is....explore. For all, truth be told, we do not know what we are doing here and we cannot be told what to do. There is no great being that forces us to do this or that; rather there my be a being that brought us to life to explore such life that has been given to us. To learn, to love, to care, or to be careless.

Every experience we have affects and continues to our next experience. What I have learned is my guide. Is my God. Is my Force.

Nature. People. The Connection Between. Not finding Meaning; rather, finding Peace.

The connection between the people and the earth. Never have I felt the strength more closely. The search for Ian O'Brien (Summer 2023 - Continued).

What brought me here...right where I am today: Life.

The energy that persists through generations

Starting from a single molecule

Spreading through both time and space

Splitting into uncountable pieces.

Neither starting or ending at ME.

There is neither free will nor a pattern to follow

Life is what you make of it.

Yet the energy was, is, and will be affected by you

Your actions motivate a change in the energy

The energy will motivate a change in you

You are one with the energy; a synergy occurs

I am one. I am many. I am all.

The hand that I am given is the hand that I will take. For no hand is perfect without perfecting yourself. To perfect yourself you need the experience. The experience that comes with the hand you are dealt. The lessons can leave you searching for eternal peace more often than not; but those are where the real lessons are to be learned.

I know it sounds dark...searching for eternal peace - knocking on death's door...But what if it is just for a 'hello'? Just to see what comes with that opportunity? Just to see how that may play into your moments?

After all, understanding the difference between life and death is a learning opportunity. A space to see what it is that you take for granted, what you can live without, a time to find your spiritual self...where are we going in the end? It seems different for everyone and at some point you will get to learn that about yourself.

We will all receive that opportunity...where time ceases its attachment to you. When you are free.

It sounds pleasant - sometimes.

There is no need to be afraid.

When you aren't afraid of Life, you aren't afraid of change. You aren't afraid of what others think as you; trust your senses and what you have learned. There is no lesson greater than least in this lifetime (who knows what comes next). If only someone could teach me this lesson! But what would be the fun in that. It wouldn't really have been 'learned'.

The last year I have missed a lot. I have feared even more. But I have listened. I have heard my Life speak to me without emotion, without care....with MIGHT...Innately solid in its 'purpose'.

Solid rock; Grounding the Soul. Chicago Basin - July, 2023

Every Day I listen to the opportunities. I no longer see them as hardship or prosperity - A luck of the draw...

I can finally HEAR!

I can finally FEEL!

I can see the essence of Life.

I am learning these lessons.

I am finding my way.

I am getting better each and everyday.

Life in the Air - May 2023

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1 Comment

Jul 28, 2023

L’chaim! To Life!

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