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My First Camera

I think I remember getting my first camera for my birthday after using my parent's camera so much. I liked to just take pictures of everything, or film stuff and talk really loudly over it. I recently found my memory card from that camera and have about 500 pictures and videos from South Dakota to Colorado during our family vacation. We drove and camped everywhere, I was always dressed weird, and I continue to wonder, "was my brother constantly embarrassed?". I was a weird one.

Mount Rushmore, summer of 2008

This was the first time I ever had any experience with losing data before. Our entire start to the vacation was erased with a single click of a button. I sat and cried in our little tent cabin in some state...somewhere...holding onto my duck stuffed animal. The best thing I could do was take pictures at an increasingly high rate to make up for all the lost images. Looking through the memory card, I think I was pretty clueless that zooming in ruined all photo quality and that you can't take pictures when its dark. I'm glad that I moved on from that!

Badlands, summer of 2008

Continuing to take photos was probably the best thing that I could have done. Looking back at this trip, many of these memories would have slipped away had it not been for my camera. Of course, sometimes it takes away from the moment to always be reaching for your camera rather than experiencing it...maybe I would have more memories if I wasn't the dork wearing socks, sandals, and a coon-skin hat trying to document everything...but that's what I did. And I'm proud of it! I'm not sure if I am proud of my wardrobe choices though...A bit risque for the time haha

Devil's Tower, summer of 2008

It seemed like on each one of our summer trips, there was one memory that stood out amongst the rest. One with essential value to my spiritual self; something that stuck my heart with a more calm, serene silence. This time it was Grand Teton. The beautiful range beyond the prairie that seems as though it just appears as a wall, dividing us from something beyond. I'm not sure it is hiding anything, or just representing a castle of rock ruling over the prairie. I'll have to go back there soon. Maybe climb it this time! Or just sit and gaze at the beauty; the inspiration of our anthem.

Grand Teton, summer of 2008

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