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Scratched, Stained, Splotched

I believe film was the true 'start' of my photography journey. Of course, it could have been the tons of pictures I took with mine or my mom's camera in elementary school or when I got my first DSLR. Film holds a special place that I can't forget. That I can't seem to let go of.

The costly practice somehow continues to find its way into my stingy hands. Even in college, when I had negative money, I continued developing rolls of film in my closet. And now? I have about 10 rolls sitting in my fridge, waiting to be developed. I just need to get myself to buying the developer, fixer, and build the courage to put the life of these frames in my own hands.

My dorm room development facility, November 2017

It's intimidating to rely on yourself but also quite freeing. Even when the outcome is covered in dust, has petty scratches or splotches, or is 'too dark' or 'too light' still get a sense of comfort in the strength you find in developing. I'm developing my person and finding, I too have imperfections.

Skipping stones. Scratched and dusty. December, 2017

Still loving those stained frames is something that is uncomplicated and deeply necessary. There is too much nonsense to get hung-up on that steals energy away from us. Why let that happen. See the whole story, the process, and the product all as a separate pieces then all as one.

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