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It was my second time heading up to Silverton, Colorado for the annual Skijoring competition and I am still amazed at how fast these horses can run! My camera could barely focus on these thick steeds hauling goofy dressed skiers in tow. Hearing the drunk crowd screaming through the wind and snow reminds me what living in the wild west is like: Wild. No, but really... Crowds of people braving the cold to set up an obstacle course on one of 4 roads in Silverton, to bring the little mountain towns together for a bit of hootin' and hollerin'.

Someone's yellow hood getting in the way but making an interesting flare (February, 2023)

Everyone dressed in the infamous Durango/Silverton getup (previously rated worst dressed in the nation) that I would describe as, "the outfits leftover at Goodwill after a yellow dot sale"...Anything old, used, stitched up, and colorful! Anyways, just a little mountain fun to bring together our unique community. Just a bit of happiness.

A little girl and her daddy's gloves (February, 2023)

Silverton, the beautiful and remote high mountain town in the American southwest breams with beauty and history. A places for all cultures to convene mining ores now a place for all athletes to test their strength. The sharp mountains surrounding the town and silence of the wilderness test the mental and physical abilities of those who gamble with the unpredictable weather. Or...rather the mountains teach those willing to let go of their meaning to find truth in beautiful suffering.

The dusty peak across the street (February, 2023)

Each place I visit is 'unique and special'. Everywhere. Even Ohio (sorry, bad joke, but I can say that because my partner is from there ;). Silverton isn't more or less extraordinary; its excitement is just right on the surface, easily appreciated. But, I urge you to look closer at its past, its life, its community, its breathing soul. See what else you can find. Photos show the surface, tell a story, but there is much more that a good photo should inspire you to search for.

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