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The Start of 'it all' - From the Roots

The beginning of this blog. A short post. A long journey ahead.

I've always found myself coming back to black and white. The start of my journey towards 'real photography'. Of course, as a child I had a camera to shoot images, to capture vague memories, to see through a noisy early 2000s digital lens - make sure you don't zoom in too far, a pixel will be the size of your teenage brother - HA. But black and white...That's the final destination, the most basic root, in my creative pilgrimage.

Although I began in digital photography, going back to film, black and white, literally solidified my interest in photography. Seeing life without color, just 'black or white'', made things seem so simple. But looking deeper at each image you see the truth - it is all just light or the lack of it. We create drama with our play of light. Having this light, physically clutched in my hands was powerful. You could easily change colors, smiles, eyes, stories...with digital imagery; but with film, all you have is light.

Film image from Cozumel, Mexico

I still practice and enjoy film photography, but the abilities of digital are impressive. I feel as though with digital photography, the ease of use, the creative abilities within it, it has become more important in my journey.

Film will always be my roots and I will always come back to ground myself in the wise texture of a negative.

Frequently grounding into my roots and continuing to open my mind to the world and 'new' ideas is a theme in all of our journeys. An imbalance in either will only cause strife and that ain't good for the soul.

Digital image from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

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